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Nobody can deny the fact that humanity is continually swamping our planet with highly toxic content and garbage. Yet most people don’t understand that just as we are polluting our planet, we are swamping the internet with toxic communication, most of which will be accessible forever. However, out of this darkness, a positive side is emerging with genuinely concerned people and companies stepping up and using various means to try to counter it. But how much will it take to truly achieve a sustainable “digital green peace?”

“Various flavors of toxic stuff can be found all over Facebook, from bullying…

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Is what was once immoral, now becoming moral? — Not too long ago, being a drug dealer, undercover agent, arms seller or pedophile, was a very difficult thing. And until around three years ago, if anyone wanted to be part of these “respectable”, groups, and have an online presence, either for business or pleasure, they had to know how to hide, and by hiding, I mean really hide.

Easy Access to the Darknet

Twenty years ago, those who belonged to one of these groups, had to know their way around dark alleys, guns, the underground, Gothic style music, and trench…

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When paramedics begin training, the first thing they learn is to protect themselves before treating patients. They are imprinted with the understanding that if they are either wounded or hurt, they will not be able to help others, hence putting both themselves and their patients at risk.

That’s why when you see an ambulance rushing to a scene of a car accident or some other disaster, and the paramedics pour out of the vehicle in a hurry with life-saving machines, the first thing they do is make sure they are covered with gloves and masks. They make sure they are…

Ron Porat

CTO & Founder @ L1ght

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